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Brief Description
Two Day Forcible Entry Class
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Basic Forcible Entry Operations

The day begins with a 1 1/2 – 2 hour class- room presentation. This presentation covers forcible entry size-up, tool care and maintenance, lock and door types/construction, and safety considerations.
Following the classroom presentation, the entire class gathers around the forcible entry door for an overview of conventional forcible entry techniques

Conventional Forcible Entry – at this station, participants each have the opportunity to force several inward and outward swinging doors.

Hinge Side of the Door & Padlocks – at this station, students will each have the opportunity to pull a set of hinges from a door using our custom designed training aids.  Padlocks are one of the most common locks firefighters are tasked with forcing.

Power Saw Operations – The power saw is one of the most dangerous tools a firefighter can be assigned to operate. The nature of fireground operations often causes firefighters to be forced to use this tool in poorly lit conditions, on wet ground, in awkward positions, or on ladders.

Through the Lock (TTL) – Through the lock forcible entry is one of the most overlooked and under-utilized forcible entry techniques. This technique is often thought to be too slow or too complex for many fireground applications.

Advanced Forcible Entry Operations

This course is “Part 2” to the above Forcible Entry Operations course. Basic Forcible Entry Operations is also a prerequisite for this class. Advanced Forcible Entry Operations expands on the skills from the Forcible Entry Operations course by adding complexity, obstacles, and additional skills. This course is all hands on, no classroom presentation. Members will rotate through the following four hands-on stations:

Conventional Forcible Entry at the Bottom of Stairs – Our forcible entry door is paired with a set of custom made removable stairs for this station.  This skill is then practiced again adding the difficulty of zero visibility.

Conventional Forcible Entry – Angle Iron, Jamb Guards, Tight Hallway – Our second conventional forcible entry door is set up to have auxiliary security devices attached to add difficulty to forcible entry techniques. At this station, the inward opening door is fitted with a piece of angle iron to protect the locks, which requires specific techniques to overcome.  In this evolution members learn and practice several techniques to force doors in limited space situations.

Advanced Power Saw Operations – Using the power saw in the “outboard” position has several forcible entry advantages. At this rotation participants will practice the procedure  for switching the saw to the out- board position and then use the saw in this configuration. Members will then cut a set of simulated window bars from a ladder. This ladder is only 2-3 feet above ground level and provided the student with real life practice cutting from a ladder under the close guidance of an instructor.

Training Dates
06/23/2018 - 06/24/2018
None Specified
Registration Dates
02/23/2018 - 06/24/2018
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Training Location
District 4
448 W. 650 N.
West Lafayette, IN  47906
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