Fire - Fire Instructor I - INST1-210324 (District 1)

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Brief Description
Provides firefighting personnel with knowledge/skills to meet the standards set out in NFPA 1041.
Full Description
This course provides firefighting personnel with the knowledge and skills to meet the minimum job performance requirements as outlined in NFPA 1041: Standard for Fire Service Instructor Professional Qualifications.  The objectives of the course is to provide entry level training in company ops and admin at first line supervisory level. The course is designed for individuals who want to develop the knowledge and ability to deliver instruction effectively from a prepared lesson plan, including instructional aids and evaluation instruments; adapt lesson plans to the unique requirements of the students and the authority having jurisdiction; organize the learning environment so that learning is maximized; and meet the record-keeping requirements of the authority having jurisdiction.  Areas covered include: communication, concepts of learning, human relations in the teaching-learning environment, methods of teaching, organizing the learning environment, records and reports, testing and evaluation, instructor's roles and responsibilities, teaching techniques, and use of instructional materials.  Candidates will be expected to perform an instructional presentation to an audience to obtain certification.

Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to find ways to effectively manage human resources; community/public relations; fire department organizations and administration, including budgets, reports, and planning; fire inspection, investigation, and public education; emergency service delivery; and safety.
Training Dates
01/04/2022 - 01/31/2022
None Specified
Registration Dates
01/04/2021 - 12/21/2021
Available Seats
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Training Location
MAAC Training Center (District 01)
4203 Montdale Park Drive
Valparaiso, IN  46383
Resources Required
You must be certified as a First Class Firefighter or Firefighter II for one year before you will be allowed to test for this certification. If your ACADIS record does not reflect this by the time testing ID's are issued you will not be issued a testing ID.
Reporting Instructions
None Specified

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