Fire - Fire Investigator I - INVEST1-210033 District 1

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Brief Description
This teaches foundational level education and training for fire and arson investigators.
Full Description
Primary resources: NFPA 1033 "“Professional Qualifications for Fire Investigator."  NFPA 921 “Guide for Fire and Explosion Investigations”

This program is intended for delivery to fire investigators, police officers, company-level officers, and fire fighters who are involved in the investigation process. The program primarily consist of instruction and practical exercises in the areas of cause and origin determination, report writing, scene processing, evidence handling, and participate in practice courtroom testimonials. Topics on burn pattern recognition, point of origin, scene documentation, interviewing techniques, and scene safety will also be addressed at length.

Upon completion, students will have a base knowledge of arson investigation practices and will have had the opportunity to physically examine example fire scenes, process evidence, and participate in practice courtroom testimonies in front of legal counsel.

The practical skills exam, consists of one of two scenarios. 1. Acquired Structure (accidental/incendiary cause) or 2. Previously Burned Structure (accidental/incendiary cause) The fire investigator’s exam includes scene examination, gathering information, writing reports, interviewing, determining origin and cause of the fire, and creation of a complete case file for each fire investigation. The investigation presentations of case files shall consist of candidates working as a team on an investigation. Teams shall consist of 1 to 4 candidates and an evaluator. Each team shall conduct one complete investigation from one of the scenarios listed above. Each member of the team shall be assigned at least one individual task to be completed during the investigation. All individual tasks must be assigned and completed in the investigation.

Training Dates
02/18/2021 - 05/22/2021
None Specified
Registration Dates
02/19/2020 - 02/11/2021
Available Seats
None Specified
Training Location
MAAC Training Center (District 01)
4203 Montdale Park Drive
Valparaiso, IN  46383
Resources Required
In order to test for this certification you must be 18 years of age or older and an Indiana Resident.  If you do not meet these prerequisites at the time testing ID's are issued you will not receive a testing ID until you do meet the perquisites.  

NFPA 1033 "“Professional Qualifications for Fire Investigator." and NFPA 921 “Guide for Fire and Explosion Investigations”  Firefighting gear is not required for the class but old clothes, gloves and work boots are recommended for the practical activity. Students are encouraged to bring personal cameras for use in the practical activity.

Reporting Instructions
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