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This Indiana Public Safety Personnel Portal is part of a cooperative effort between the Indiana Department of Homeland Security (IDHS) and the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy (ILEA) to provide centralized information storage in support of consolidated emergency readiness and response. This portal provides public safety personnel a mechanism to access information published to them by these organizations, and provide information back in efforts to keep their records up-to-date.

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Verification of Certifications
Acadis Testing Portal

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The Indiana Department of Homeland Security provides this portal as a means for EMS and Fire online certification renewals.

EMS professionals renewing on one of the following
  • EMS-Emergency Medical Technician
  • EMS-Advanced EMT
  • EMS-Paramedic License
Only renew your highest level certification or license. Do Not renew any lower certification level, even though the renew link is visible on your portal page.

EVOC, EVOC Instructor, and PI certifications must be renewed in addition to your highest EMS certification or license.


Quick Links

The Indiana Law Enforcement Academy (ILEA) maintains this site as a means for submission of online registrations for basic courses taught at the Academy, as well as reporting In-Service training and new hires. This site replaces the existing LETS system.

Online Registration

All registrants for Police Basic Training or Basic Jail training conducted at ILEA must register via the online portal. See the ILEA website for detailed instructions on how to register. Please download and save these instructions. You may report new hires using an online new hire reporting form prior to attempting online registration, or send new hire information via postal mail. Doing so will allow a PSID to be created for the trainee, which is required to register for training.

In-Service Reporting

Detailed instructions for reporting In-Service Training may be found on the ILEA website. Please download and save these instructions. NOTE: ILEA is requesting that all agencies report all training received for each officer, and not just annual, mandatory in-service training. This will allow a full training history to be maintained.

New Hire and Employment Change Reporting

The ILEA now requires all newly hired law enforcement personnel, as well as all employment changes (promotions, demotions, retirements, resignations, terminations, suspensions, etc.) to be reported to ILEA in a timely manner. This will provide for much more accurate, state-wide planning and tracking. Please use one of the new online forms to either report a new hire or to report a change in employment. Please keep in mind that officers will not be able to be registered for any Basic training until this new hire reporting process has been completed. Please bookmark both reporting forms for quick and easy access, so that you do not need to return to this login page to access them. Reporting new hires in this manner will allow a Public Safety Identification number (PSID) to be created, allowing new hires to be registered online. Reporting all changes to employment status for your officers will keep employment information current, allowing ILEA to better track overall, state-wide status on employment statistics.

Annual Departmental Data Reporting

ILEA is requesting that agencies keep the academy apprised at the end of the current year in regards to the departmental strength. This will allow the agency's Acadis record to be kept up-to-date, and ensure that each agency has a current record of the departmental data. Failure to report your departmental data will result in your department not meeting the annual reporting requirement. Please use the new online form to report departmental data.

Verification of Certifications
Submit a request for verification of public safety personnel certifications.

Technical Support

For technical support, questions, or comments on this site, please contact:

To ensure proper support, please contact the appropriate team from the choices below:

  Phone: 1.800.666.7784

 In-Service Reporting: Contact ILEA
 New Hires: Complete Web Form in Portal

System Information

The Acadis® Readiness Suite is a comprehensive public safety training solution developed by Envisage Technologies, LLC. The company provides the Acadis® software and training modernization consulting to premier training organizations throughout the US. To find out more, please visit the Envisage web site at