District 5 and 10 - Beta
EMA & Consortium Courses - Course Request Form used to create a request for training through IDHS Division of Training and Preparedness. Please use this form to request any direct delivery of consortium or IDHS based training and advertise training/events on Acadis.
Fire - Certification Course Roster (CLOSED Classes ONLY) To be used for Closed Fire courses where an Instructor did not submit a roster with the original course submission. MUST be submitted no less than 16 days before the test date.
Fire - Certification Course/Initial Exam Used for State Certification courses only
Fire - Certification Retest Application If you need testing codes for a retest please email the certifications staff at one of the email addresses below. Please remember if we have not received the skills for the course we will not issue retest ID's.
Fire - Course Request (Non-Certification Fire) Form used to create a request for training in "Non-Traditional" fire courses through IDHS Division of Fire and Building Safety. Please use this form to request a course and advertise training/events on Acadis.
Fire - District Coordinator Course Entry 2 WebForm for Fire District Coordinators to notify IDHS certifications staff when a course has been entered into Acadis.
Fire Training Council Policy's & Procedures Acknowledgement This is the Fire Training Council Policy's and Procedures acknowledgement form that is to be signed by all member of the District Fire Training Council.
General Course Survey
IDHS: EMS Data Collection IDHS web form used to gather data to help ensure current and future exams are fair, unbiased, and appropriate for all persons.
ImageTrend Agency Admin Training Registration Use this link to register for the ImageTrend Admin Training course hosted by IDHS.
Site Visit Survey